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Dog House Cleaning: Tips on how to do it right

The sanitation of your dog’s house is very important because it holds the key to a number of factors that are instrumental to the wellbeing and function of your dog. For example, a clean dog house will help in ensuring that your dog has a comfortable habitation and it can breathe freely without the interference of foul and moist air. Additionally, a clean dog house will contribute towards the prevention of diseases that thrive in a dirty environment. It is in view of the above that this article endeavors to give step-by-step guidelines that will enable you to clean your dog house the right way in order for your dog to benefit as stated above. Apply them with simplicity so as get the best results for the best small dog house (click here for more). Get the right tools in place Before you swing into the cleaning action you need to get together all the necessary tools that you will need for the job. You need to wear cleaning gloves to remove dog waste, a bucket full of water, a scrubber, detergent, and a mop. Source Image: Cleaning around the dog house Before you proceed, you need to ensure that you have removed any feces that may be around the dog house, the...

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Understanding Dog House Ventilation

The ventilation of a dog house for small dogs is a very important dimension in the entire dog house equation. Adequate ventilation is one of the primary factors that you will need to take into account as you plan to buy or build a dog house for your house dogs. This is because the challenge of weather on the two extremes of summer and winter can pose a potential threat to the health of your dog. That is why this article seeks to shed a broad ray of light on this subject. This article will show you the importance of dog house ventilation for small house dogs, different ways of achieving adequate ventilation and much more. Image: Understanding the dog’s respiratory difference It is very important for you as a dog owner to understand the biological differences between a dog and human beings .If you can get this anatomy clearly at this point then it will be easier for you to make the right choice of a house dog because you will be in a better position to understand the core of the dog’s ventilation needs. First of all, the body of your dog has a very limited surface area for venting out excess heat. For us human beings, our bodies have pores allover...

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